A few things about me:

-I started avidly cooking after putting my 14-year old dog down in 2009. It was a way to handle my grief and fill my time when I was living alone. Through that, I discovered I loved being in the kitchen.

-I have a Nikon D90 and use my 50mm f/1.8 lens (only $100 bucks and so worth it!) for food/portrait photography. For travel and landscape photography I have used my kit lens (18-105mm) almost exclusively. One day I hope to upgrade to a wide angle lens for the latter type of photography.

-Loves of my life: my husband, Matthew; our dog, Polaris; my horse, Killian. Oh, and those amazing family and friends-type people.

-Due to Matthew being lactose intolerant, nearly every recipe I make is dairy-free. I’ve learned to create delicious, flavorful meals without the use of milk, cream or cheese (though I will occasionally snack on various cheeses when Matthew isn’t looking…).

-My blog name Smokin’ Chestnut is in reference to cooking as well as my smokin’ hot chestnut horse, Killian.