Ryan & Melissa

by smokinchestnut

Ryan, Melissa and I could not have asked for better weather on the day of their engagement shoot. It had been cold and rainy all week long here in Indiana, with temperatures hovering in the upper 40’s. I’m sure the three of us religiously checked the Weather Channel to see if their forecast for “mostly sunny” on Saturday would hold.

And it did! It was a beautiful fall day in the upper 60’s with not a cloud to mar the picture-perfect blue sky. The leaves are still changing here in Bloomington, which made for some vibrant backgrounds. Ryan and Melissa both graduated from Indiana University so we started off on campus then moved to Cascades Park in the late afternoon. The soft afternoon light towards the end made me a very happy photographer.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day. Thanks again, Ryan and Melissa, for allowing me to photograph you both! :)