Outside my comfort zone

by smokinchestnut

I have to admit, I was nervous about this from the beginning. When Kelsey — at the time, just an acquaintance from my barn — first e-mailed me out of the blue asking me to shoot her wedding, I was immediately stunned and daunted at the prospect. I had shot my family, my nephew, and my dog, all informally, but I have never shot anything as formal as a wedding. My eyes were probably as wide as saucers when I told Matthew about it but he gently encouraged me to go for it.

“How will you get better if you never push yourself outside your comfort zone?” I asked myself.

“I won’t. But I like my comfort zone,” I replied.

“TOO BAD, SO SAD,” responded a voice that sounded reminiscent of my father’s. I believe that was a favorite quote of his when we were growing up.

So, after calling up Kelsey and explaining options — as well as the little fact that I was not a professional but would do my very, very best — it was set. Then I happily remembered I had signed up for a local photography course and shortly after that another friend of mine asked me to do her engagement photos to help me practice my portrait photography skills. Practice, practice, practice was my motto for the next six months.

Thankfully I only had one nightmare before the wedding, where someone handed me a bunch of really nice lenses and prompted me to use them, when in fact none of them actually worked. In my dream, I spent the next 10 minutes frantically trying to find a correct lens to use with my camera while the wedding party and ALL of the guests stared me down. I distinctly remember someone in the crowd saying, “Well, I definitely will not be using her for MY future wedding!”

Also thankfully, none of that happened during the actual wedding. Just a silly dream from my ever-overactive imagination. The wedding day came and my nervousness flowed right out of me. It didn’t hurt that both Brad and Kelsey are a very down to earth, laid back couple. They had their wedding at and the sun kept its appearance out all day, despite a forecast for rain, which had everyone, including me, sighing in relief.

So without any further babbling on my part, here are a few of my favorite photos! Other favorites can be seen on my Flickr page. Congratulations again, Kelsey and Brad!