Tahini Green Bean Salad with Figs

by smokinchestnut

Whoa, a SIDE DISH, people! The first one on here (finally). The barrage of posts on soups, stews and other soup/stew-related dishes were getting a bit out of hand. This recipe has been lying in wait, patiently sitting on my camera’s memory card until it could be revealed in all its glory. Its delicious, healthy, addictive glory. Crisp green beans, sweet dried figs and crunchy pita chips tossed in a nutty tahini dressing. I need more now.

I bookmarked this recipe a while ago and cannot believe it took me so long to make it. Umm, yummm. It has been forever since I’ve eaten dried figs, ever since my addiction to fig newtons dwindled and died. What a yummy reintroduction to that delicious fruit! After I photographed the last bit of this dish, I tried to quietly and surreptitiously SCARF IT ALL DOWN. Then Matthew showed up and plopped down beside me with a fork. Thwarted!

But that’s OK, because sharing is a good thing. This recipe is very simple and, since I knew I wanted leftovers, I made sure to keep the green beans/figs separate from the pita chips and tahini dressing. You could easily make parts of this ahead (cook the green beans and make the dressing) and throw together when it’s time to serve.

Tahini Green Bean Salad with Figs
serves 3-4
from Honest Fare

1 cup pita chips (or pita bread, toasted in the oven and broken into pieces)
1/2- 3/4 lbs green beans
6 dried figs
handful curly parsley, roughly chopped
1 lemon, juiced
4 Tbsp tahini
salt and freshly cracked pepper
1 tsp honey
1 tsp vegetable oil
3-4 Tbsp water

Remove stems on green beans. Bring medium-large pot of water to boiling and add beans. Cook for 3-5 few minutes, checking to make sure beans remain crisp. Drain and place beans in prepared ice bath to prevent cooking further. Once chilled, remove from ice water and pat dry. Chop beans in half or thirds.

Slice figs and chop parsley; set aside with pita chips.

Create dressing by combining lemon, tahini, honey, vegetable oil, salt and pepper. Thin the dressing out to desired consistency with water and stir. In a bowl, combine figs, parsley, pita chips and green beans. Toss with desired amount of dressing, and serve. And try not to scarf it all before you share it, because this recipe improves with company (according to me).